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Company profiles

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1.Convenient transportation, beautiful environment

Guangdong province jiangmen and color packaging printing co., LTD., founded in 1996. The famous garden city in the pearl river delta & ndash; & ndash; Jiangmen. Five minutes drive from Buddha to open the highway jiangmen exports to reed the very tip by industrial development zone. The traffic is very convenient. The company factory independent, beautiful environment, covers an area of more than 8000 square meters, building area of more than 11000 square meters.

2:Advanced equipment, excellent talents

  The company introduced a complete set of leading domestic most advanced technology of plastic color printing composite production equipment. Including 8 and 10 color color fully automatic computer tinted high-speed printing presses, composite machine, cutting machine, three edge sealing bag making machine (straight grain, reticulate type) and multi-purpose automatic computer bag making machine, a full set of test apparatus, etc. With the domestic industry's most excellent hardware facilities. In management, production of more than 80 people, with the help of my company has become a domestic flexible packaging industry, which integrates the best hardware, adapt to market development needs, first-class quality, good service of the modern enterprise. Is the pearl river delta the most modern, flexible packaging enterprises of the most promising.


3:A full range of business scope

 The company production of various kinds of plastic color composite packaging film products, bags, exquisite calendars film products, etc. Major manufacturing composite pure aluminum, aluminum plating, jade-like stone light, laser laser anti-counterfeit packaging film, etc. Especially specialized in corrosion resistance, permeability strong pesticide system (powder, emulsion, water-based), veterinary medicine, daily chemicals, cosmetics, food packaging film, etc. And according to manufacturer needs to carry out special packaging specifications of the design and production.


4:Customers and friends of all corners of the country

 Since the company founded, due to the production of all kinds of plastic soft package is stable and reliable product quality, after-sales service enthusiasm. Favored by domestic and foreign customers praise and trust. The company operates in all over the world: the United States dupont, dow benefit agriculture co., LTD., China, Germany, bayer, us biotechnology (Shanghai) co., LTD., Taiwan macro YanHua dragon enterprise co., LTD., Beijing, guangxi hong feng (north sea) pesticide co., LTD., guangzhou, foshan veterinary college experimental factory to be broad pastoral animal health care products factory, guangxi rural, guangdong jiangmen pesticide plant and so on are all my company's long-term customers.


5:Honor and the future

  Since the founding of the company, adhering to the "high-tech, high starting point, high efficiency" approach to development. Since 1998, after many years the college in order to "private high-tech enterprises in guangdong province", "national authority certification, good quality trustworthy product". And adopted the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. Is particularly important, the company with the Japanese security research, joint development of the domestic first laser laser technology (has obtained national patent). In a foreseeable time, to ensure the research and development of the company in the plastic color composite packaging film in the lead.

  Jiangmen today and the color packaging printing co., LTD., is striding forward in the direction of diversification, industrialization, scale. Chairman and general manager Mr Zhu Shuzhan is willing to work with friends and colleagues from all walks of life both at home and abroad to strengthen contact, close cooperation. Insist on & other; Dedicated high-quality products to customers, and give yourself to yourself & never meet other The quality of purpose, create a better tomorrow!

Jiangmen Lianhe Color Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Lianhe Color Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Lianhe Color Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Lianhe Color Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd Jiangmen Lianhe Color Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd Jiangmen Lianhe Color Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd Jiangmen Lianhe Color Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd